Nestled at a convenience distance from town, Stanford World School provides a dynamic learning environment with experienced staff working collaboratively for creating a conducive teaching learning environment. The school inspires success producing confident children. 

Pupil-Teacher Ratio Minimum pupil- teacher ratio with teachers honing individual skills. 

What we offer Digitising Education: 

Smart Class: Installation of smart class for enhanced learning experience 

Language Lab: Offers a dedicated lab for children to practice and assess their speech 

Tablets: Use of tablets to reduce the burden of heavy bags 

Learning Management System (LMS): Use of software designed to identify teaching –learning gap, utilise data to make reports and find solutions to fill the gap 

School App: The use of internet for easy accessibility to school via the App. Payment of fees, getting notifications, messages, school timetable, attendance are all managed through the App. Parental Partnership Works in coordination with parents to delve deep into the problems faced by children at home and in school Mentoring Individual mentoring programmes with empathetic teachers helping and encouraging students to move towards success without fear. 

Assessment: Regular routine assessments to keep a check on the pupils’ progress. 

Attendance: Minimum attendance required for continual assessment. Attendance of children managed through the school App. Ensures Individual Participation Encouraging every child to participate in school activities making them confident and smart individuals. Exploring the world outside Organises activities outside the school for the children to explore. Learning by doing.


The school firmly believes that a child can achieve complete development only by means of having the parents and teachers working in union. The school or the parents alone will be unable to accomplish in the best interest of a child.

Therefore, the monthly parent-teacher meetings are an integral part of the school, wherein open discussion and seminars are conducted. These cater to each individual child as well as children in general, and the issues that thy face during the growing up phase, as well as about ways to deal with those issues.

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